Master Lock Cable Lock, Python Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock Review

The Python cable lock from Master Lock appears to be a fairly new offering down under and when we first came across it we were pretty intrigued. Instead of working like a standard cable type lock that connects end to end, the Python (the mechanism looks like a snake hence the name) passes through a slot so the length can be adjusted. The other key selling point being that the pass-through allows for less unused cable to attack.

Sadly our test instrument of the day – some long handle garden shears – made short work of the cable. Looking around online it also seems that others have been able to bypass the lock mechanism fairly easily too:

If you’re moving stuff or needing to lash things to your vehicle, then the python lock would provide a lot more security and flexibility than your average rope. It’s hard to recommend as a good bike lock however.

Specifications in Short

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 9.5mm * 1820mm
  • Weight: 0.93g
  • Material: Braided steel cable
  • Mechanism: Wafer tumbler lock

Overall Rating


  • Pros: Cinching mechanism is nice, it’s long
  • Cons: Won’t deter thieves, best used for securing loads or luggage
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Master Lock Cable Lock, Python Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock
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