Foneso Security Anti-Theft Bicycle Chain Review

While Foneso markets this lock as a bike lock, given the security features (5 digital combination dial) and the durability, you’ll likely find far more utility for it than securing your precious wheels. We’ve given this one a bit of a rough time in testing and while the chain sleeve is dirty and faded it’s still in one piece and the locking mechanism works perfectly.

The only misgiving is that the lock is on the heavier side. Not great for commuters, but fantastic for security – won’t stop a determined thief but will definitely give them a hard time.


Specifications In Short

Fresno Steel Chain Lock

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 6mm*900mm
  • Weight: 0.81g
  • Material: High quality manganese steel chain
  • Mechanism: 5-digit coil combination lock
  • Other: Nylon / Synthetic Sleeve
  • Warranty: 12 Month

Overall Rating

4 / 5

  • Pros: Robust – your average opportunist thief isn’t getting through this one
  • Cons: Heavy
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Foneso Security Anti-Theft Bicycle Chain
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