Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1018 Combo Cable Review

About the Manufacturer

With a name that is practically synonymous with security, Kryptonite has been providing superior security solutions for almost 50 years. Using only the highest quality of materials, they strive for perfection and use continual research and testing in their methods. The team of experts at Kryptonite stand proudly behind their products and value customer satisfaction as one of their top priorities.

Product quality and customer satisfaction have always been their main goals and these passions have been evident since the 1970’s when they first introduced their anti-theft protection coverage. After inventing the U lock, the company chose to further their security and support with this extended protection program that still exists today, as well as a newer Key Safe Program. To this day, they still follow the mission statement they created back in 1971, “to empower you to protect what you value.”

About the Kryptonite Cable Lock

The Kryptoflex Lock provides excellent security for all types and sizes of bicycles in low to moderate crime areas. Its ample six feet of 10 mm braided steel cable is not only long enough to make securing your bike to almost any fixture a breeze, but its sturdy and durable construction is resistant to cut and leverage attacks as well. Its disc-type cylinder helps prevent lock picks and drills and its combination lock proves nearly impossible to conquer.

Weighing only 1.1 pounds, the cable lock travels easily and its automatic dual sliding weather guards and weatherproof vinyl coating help keep it protected from the elements.

Positives and Negatives

One of the most difficult types of locks to crack, the Kryptonite Cable Lock’s four-digit integrated combination lock provides exceptional security for your valuable items. Along with the combination-style lock, it features a disc-style cylinder that increases its resistance to lock picks and drills. It also features 10 mm braided steel cable that is resistant to bolt cutters as well.

With six feet of cable and a 36-degree rotating lock head, the lock’s versatility and mobility are fantastic as well. You can use this cable lock to secure almost any size bicycle in almost any location without hassle. It is simple to operate and easy to transport, weighing only a little over one pound.

While the Kryptoflex Lock provides excellent security for low to moderate crime areas, you may need to supplement an additional security item or method to protect bicycles in higher crime areas. For optimum results, this lock should be used in conjunction with another security measure, such as a U lock.

Key Specifications

  • 10 mm 6-foot long braided steel cable
  • Resettable four-digit integrated combination lock
  • Reinforced lock head construction with Talon lock pin retention system
  • Disc-style cylinder
  • Automatic dual sliding weather guards
  • 36-degree rotating lock head
  • Coated in weatherproof vinyl layer
  • Black and gray in color
  • Weighs 1.1 lbs


  • Phenomenal flexibility
  • Excellent security for low to moderate crime areas
  • Six feet of steel cable provides exceptional functionality and versatility
  • 10 mm braided steel cable is cut and attack resistant
  • Disc-style cylinder provides resistance against lock picks and drills
  • Very easy to use


  • Best when used in low to moderate crime areas
  • Best when used in combination with another security method, such as a U lock
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Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1018 Combo Cable Bicycle Lock
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