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About the Manufacturer

One of the most trusted names in the security industry, Kryptonite has been providing customers with exceptional security solutions for nearly five decades. Over the years, they have remained true to their mission, “to empower you to protect what you value.”

Kryptonite continually strives for perfection with diligent commitment, research, and testing. Innovation and customer satisfaction have always been their top priorities. Using only superior quality materials and the best tools and methods, their products are built to secure, withstand, and endure.

Their enterprise began in 1971 when Michael Zane invented the very first U lock, one of the best types for securing bicycles. Unbelievable success was not enough for this dedicated company; they chose to further protect their customers and enhance their security support by introducing an anti-theft protection program in 1977. Currently, they still offer Anti-theft Protection and Key Safe Programs for additional security and support for their products.

About the Kryptolok Standard Lock

The Kryptonite Standard Lock is a great choice for securing a bicycle. It is strong, sturdy, durable, and versatile. Its 13 mm hardened maximum performance steel shackle helps prevent against leverage attacks and makes it bolt cutter resistant, and its disc-style cylinder and crossbar design add protection against drills, picks, and twist attacks. The Kryptonite U Lock also includes four feet of braided steel Flex cable for even more security and peace of mind.

The lock measures 4” x 9” and weighs 2.85 pounds. It includes two stainless steel keys, as well as a Transit Flexframe U Transportation System for easy transit. Its anti-rattle bumpers reduce rattling and excessive noise and it also features a protective vinyl coating.

Positives and Negatives

The Kryptonite U Lock includes several features, such as 13 mm hardened maximum performance steel, a crossbar design, a disc-style cylinder, and four feet of Flex cable made of strong braided steel, that make it resistant to attacks from bolt cutters, lock picks, and drills, as well as twist and leverage attacks. Its anti-rattle bumpers reduce rattling and excessive noise, and its light weight and included Transit Flexframe U Transportation System make it even easier to transport.

It features a rotating dust cover and protective vinyl coating; however, if used near the ocean or in harsh climates with large amounts of snow and rain, one may need to conduct monthly maintenance, including cleaning and lubricating the lock. Another drawback may be that more than four feet of braided steel cable is required for some bicycles or locations.

Key Specifications of the Kryptolok Standard Lock

  • Anti-rattle bumpers
  • 13 mm hardened maximum performance steel shackle
  • High security disc-style cylinder
  • Reinforced hardened crossbar
  • Rotating dust cover
  • Protective vinyl coating
  • Includes a 4-foot long braided steel Flex cable
  • Includes Transit Flexframe U Transportation System
  • Includes two stainless steel keys
  • Measures 4” x 9”
  • Weighs 2.85 lbs


  • Bumpers reduce rattling and excessive noise
  • Cutting and leverage attack resistant
  • Maximum performance steel, crossbar design, and disc-style cylinder provide superior security
  • Steel cable provides additional protection
  • Rotating dust cover protects cylinder
  • Easy to carry, transport, and store


  • In harsh climates with snow and rain or near the ocean, it is recommended to clean and lubricate the lock monthly
  • Some may consider the four feet of cable too short
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